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Exploration in sexual pleasure is well-recommended in order for you to enjoy your time in bed with your partner. Although not everyone is comfortable exploring it, we have gotten many positive feedbacks on our Sex Toys. We would like you to explore your sexual pleasures as well as being comfortable and safe at the same time. Hence, take your time, but don’t forget to check us out for more products and make us your top sex shop online in Malaysia.

Top Selling Products For Sex Toys Malaysia

Don’t be shy to check out our masturbators for men products as we only sell the best sex toys in Malaysia for you. Try one of our top selling products to explore the unspeakable thrill and excitement for your pleasure. 18Plus would like to make sure that our customers are satisfied regardless of their gender. Therefore, not only do we prioritize your pleasure, but our products have been tested and reviewed to be the best in exploring your sexuality and safe as the best sex toys in Malaysia, we guarantee that our products are safe for you. At 18Plus, you can order sex toys Malaysia online, instead of going through the hassle of finding a physical store.

Masturbators for men

This product is specifically made for males who like to do it solo. Check out the products we have for adult sex toys in Malaysia, as we can ensure full satisfaction that will make you crave for more. We also have the AV Masturbator which consists of realistic half sided dolls, and masturbator cups that can give you the real pressure. With our products, you would not have to worry about seeking real women for sexual satisfaction.

Penis Extension

Do you have problems from erecting longer? You feel insecure having sex knowing you can’t hold yourself long enough? Try these available products that we have for you from the best online sex toys Malaysia, 18Plus. This is a perfect sex toy to help you enjoy longer sex with your significant other and it will definitely make the sexual experience worth it.

Hollow Dildo

Hollow Dildo is made for women to have their desired pleasure reached only with certain lengths. This product comes with a belt that can be attached to its user and can be used for penetration to reach the A-spot that is usually hard to reach with regular dildos. Being one of Malaysia’s top sex toy stores, we offer products that guarantee maximum satisfaction. We aim to ensure that everyone is able to discover their sexual preferences no matter who they are.


Although the topic of BDSM might be taboo you should also understand that is completely normal for wanting to take your sex game up a notch. If you actually need anything to spice things up, whether it is for him or her, especially in the exploration of your kinks, we are one of the trusted sex shops in Malaysia that you can rely on. We provide various toys such as tape, whips, clamps, and more that will allow you and your partner to experience a completely different sexual experience.


Who wouldn’t love role-playing right? It is always fun to find new ways to please your partner. Role-playing allows couples to step out of their comfort zone. We offer various costumes at our sex toy shop in Malaysia. These costumes will definitely help you and your partner have a fun experience together.

The Most Pleasurable Sex Toys in Malaysia For The Best Sexual Experience

18Plus understands the tensions and struggles our customers have to go through without getting enough satisfaction of what they desire every time they’re in the bedroom, it makes it harder not being able to get an instant solution to it.

Worry no more, as 18Plus has all kinds of solutions for your sexual and intimate problems in the bedroom. We serve the best variations of adult sex toys in Malaysia that will instantly make you want more. Our toys allow you to have fun even while you are alone.

Your All-In-One Sex Toy Shop In Malaysia

We have observed and listened to the demands of our customers who order sex toys in Malaysia online! Our goal at 18Plus is to serve our customers as the best sex toys in Malaysia. We want to ensure our products are able to entice, arouse, and satisfy your pleasure. Our products vary from costumes to AV masturbators that you can play around with and let your stress be forgotten.

Not only that, but you also can find different products that you could never find with other sex shops online in Malaysia such as nipple toys, penis extensions, egg extensions, BDSM, and games that you can enjoy with your partner.

Who Can Buy Adult Sex Toy Malaysia?

Previously, sex toys are known to be really popular among people who are not in a relationship because these tools are mostly used to fill their loneliness. Sex toys were used as coping mechanisms for those who did not have someone to share their sexual experiences with.

However, over time more people came to realize that sex toys can be used in various ways. Couples in relationships and marriages have started to use these tools as a way to experiment on their sexual preferences. Many couples have started to purchase sex toys in Malaysia to enhance their sexual experience. You can get sex toys in Malaysia to help elevate affection levels between you and your partner.

Regardless, the usefulness of sex toys is not gender-biased of women and men, but it can also be enjoyed by the whole community including LGBTs which are lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. As your best sex shop online in Malaysia 18Plus would like to make sure that everyone feels included when browsing through our store.

Why Should You Buy From 18Plus?

Our priority has always been your comfortability and openness in exploring your sexual desires. As your reliable and trusted sex toy online Malaysia, we want you to feel safe when purchasing and using our products. You can be sure that our products are 100% safe. Before delivering them for you, our products are carefully inspected to ensure they are hygienic and we even ensure the products we send to you aren’t faulty.

At 18Plus, we also respect your privacy which is why our products will be packaged in discreet packaging when they are being delivered to you. So you can freely purchase your sex toys in Malaysia without being exposed.


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We at 18Plus World Malaysia, your trusted sex shops online in Malaysia, prioritize your safety and your comfort. We make sure to check our Sex Toys for their safety and comfortability before launching our products, so our customers could enjoy the benefits without worrying about anything else.

Researchers and facts have proven that using sex toys not only gives you full satisfaction and could reach certain sensitive spots but using sex toys in Malaysia also could be a tool to exercise your sensitive parts, especially for women.
Customers have reviewed and mentioned how they enjoy the varieties of products from 18Plus, their best sex shop Malaysia on their partners, regardless of the genders. We also believe that anyone, with different sexuality, could play around and use our products, plus it helps you connect with your partner better.
There are some of our adult sex toy Malaysia products that are made specifically for sensitive skin because we would want to ensure that everyone can use our products. As for certain materials that have silicon-made, jelly-rubber, or hard plastic, it is important for you to always use mild soap and wipe it wet clean cloth, especially if the products are used with batteries. As for glass or stainless steel products, you can leave your products in boiling water for a few minutes to kill the bacterias. If you are sharing your tools with your partners, it is safe if it is covered with condoms for safety measures.

As you know that there are two categories for our Sex Toys Malaysia products. The first one who be the ones that are not using batteries. For these specific products, it can last for a lifetime if you really take care of it like making sure to get it cleaned and washed regularly and not being kept with bacterias for several hours to few nights.

Meanwhile, the ones that are used with batteries should also be cleaned, but with proper and gentle care so it doesn’t damage or disturb the batteries part. Regardless, our products are not as sensitive and they can last as long as you know how to take good care of them.